Lindsay Lohan knows how to pump gas, tweets about the paparazzi

Lindsay Lohan was spotted out and about, pumping some gas into her Mercedes in L.A., last night. She’s looking fresh and happy and just about back to her normal self. I didn’t realize that she even knew how to pump gas, I guess she can’t afford to have someone do that for her just yet.

With the exception of her lips looking extra plumped, she looks great. Lindsay took her first post-jail tweet to talk about the paparazzi. She tweeted, “Clearly.. Paparazzi shouldn’t be allowed to take pictures or video while someone’s driving or at a stop light. 4every1’s sake #trafficpolice.”

I hate to say this, but I agree with Lindsay. The paparazzi really shouldn’t be flashing cameras in someone’s face while they are trying to drive. It’s dangerous and a hazard to all who are on the road.

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