Lindsay Lohan Laughs Off Drunk Reports

Lindsay Lohan Laughs Off Drunk Reports

Rehabbed actress Lindsay Lohan was set free from house arrest on June 29th. She had previously said that she feared leaving her house in Venice, basically because she didn’t want to get mobbed by the paparazzi. As it turned out, just the opposite was true. She went out and partied it up…or so it would seem.

As she left the Lexington Social House, photographers were yelling, “She’s drunk, she’s been drinking” as she stumbled. It could have been that she was blinded by their flashes, but we all know her track record.

Now, she’s denying the rumors that she was blitzed on her first night of freedom. She took to Twitter to say, “Of course me going out to my best friends going away dinner is a headline – especially on my first day out of my house in 35 days. That does not give anyone the right to have a field day and manifest stories.”

She went on to say, “It was a going away dinner, that was it. Nothing exciting happened aside from the very yummy hummus and pita. If anyone caused me to nearly fall it was the psychotic paparazzi.”

Already blaming others….we see what you did there Lilo.

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  • Not Again!

    Yes, we do know Lindsay’s track record with parties, alcohol and drugs.  We also know her track record with deflection from the truth.  I don’t believe Lindsay’s comments about her shoes causing her wobbling or anything else.  She couldn’t get through her probation OR rehab without testing positive for alcohol so why should we expect that Lindsay can live a sober life.  I mean good grief, the first day of freedom and already she is partying!

    Lindsay just doesn’t get it.  The rehab, as far as I am concerned, was nothing but a ploy by a very manipulative child-like woman who just can’t get it together and still, after all that has happened to her, understand that she has problems she must take responsibility for.

    I just wish the media would drop this waste of skin in favor of stories on people who are doing something with their life!  Maybe some day, IF Lindsay ever gets it together, she might be entitled to some attention from the media.  In the meantime, continued reporting on this basket case seems to simply be encouraging her bad behavior.  It’s almost like Lindsay lives by the mottor that even bad publicity is good.

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