Lindsay Lohan Living With Family

Lindsay Lohan Living With Family

It looks as if all of the rumors floating around that Lindsay Lohan is flat-busted broke might be true. Why else would she want to live with her mother Dina in their old family home when she could be out partying at the Chateau Marmont with Lady Gaga until the wee hours of the morning? One doesn’t simply just move back home because it’s fun. One moves back home because you’re burdened with bills and everything else.

We all know that Lindsay does have her own share of problems in the world, but to move back home? We feel for her. Especially because she’s living with Dina. Ugh.

The troubled star is said to spending nights in her teenage bedroom in her mom’s Long Island home.

Lindsay Lohan seems to have trouble constantly swirling around her, but she says one thing helps keep her sane.

“Family,” Lohan told E! News’ Alicia Quarles at an amFAR event in New York on Wednesday night as part of Fashion Week. “You can’t get through anything without the family. Family is everything.”

Interesting given her endless run-ins with both her mother, Dina, and her father, Michael.

It’s also interesting given that the Daily News reports that Lohan, 26, has essentially moved back home, spending “most nights” in recent months back in her “teenage bedroom” at mother Dina’s Long Island home.


Do you feel bad for this self-entitled nitwit? We certainly don’t. She has spent more money than any of us will see in one lifetime. She should’ve invested and planned better. That was the best advice from Charlie Sheen that we could’ve provided her.

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