Lindsay Lohan Looking To Get Restraining Order Against Father

Lindsay Lohan Looking To Get Restraining Order Against Father

Now that Michael Lohan has tried to drop an intervention in his daughter’s lap, apparently she is looking to get a restraining order against him as a result. She says she doesn’t have a problem where she would need some sort of help with addictions, but don’t most druggies say the same thing? Not that we’re calling her out for being cracktastic or anything, but it is possible.

On Friday, Mike and his crew feared that she was using drugs and drinking again, so he rushed her house in a failed attempt to give her an intervention. A source said that Lindsay feels that the only way to stop Mike from continuing to interfere in her life is to take legal action against him.

This isn’t a good year for Michael’s relationship with his daughter. Just recently, Lindsay and Dina were fighting when LiLo called her dad to complain about her mom. So, he did what any other good father would do recorded the conversation and sold it to TMZ to claim that Dina was using cocaine. Afterward, they had a falling out.

Her pal Josh Chunn, who Mike claims is hooking up with her, spoke of their friendship. He revealed, “I’ve been trying to get Lindsay to focus. But how do you get her to focus with all the stuff going on around her? I can barely focus. She’s a strong girl. She’s cleaning up. I just want her to be okay.”

He went on to say, “I think I’m the best influence on her. The deal is she is surrounded by a bunch of f**k-ups. I’m there for Lindsay. I listen. I work hard for my money. I pay my own bill when we go out. I have a schedule. That’s the problem with these kids in L.A., they don’t have a schedule. All they want to do is party.”

All of that seems to be stuff that her father should be saying. Instead, he’s recording phone conversations and dialing up TMZ tp publicize his own agenda with his daughter. Tsk, tsk.

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