Lindsay Lohan May Flee To Monaco If She’s Given Jail Time?

Lindsay Lohan May Flee To Monaco If She's Given Jail Time?

If she is threatened with jail time for not completing her community service on time, Lindsay Lohan plans on fleeing the United States for Monaco. Wouldn’t it figure that she can never take full responsibility for what she has done?

Lohan has already put off her community service until the very last minute – after flubbing it with her stupid attempts at calling her London performance community service. Thankfully, the judge in her case called her out for the attempt and gave her even more time to do legitimate community service hours before the end of the month.

Lohan definitely wants to get her 125 hours completed before May 28th, but it appears that she is seriously cutting it close after waiting so long to get started. Now, she knows that her deadline is close and also there is that chance that she won’t get her hours done in time. So, in order to avoid going to jail if she doesn’t get done in time, she plans to leave the country.

TMZ reports:

So Lindsay has made it clear to friends and family … if she doesn’t get it done, she won’t go back to California for her court hearing. She says a very rich friend has a hotel in Monaco and has given her carte blanche to stay indefinitely, and she’ll take him up on the offer.

Thing is … she can’t be extradited for a reckless driving misdemeanor, so authorities can’t touch her.

In the unlikely event she actually completes her community service on time, she says she’ll gladly go to court, but then it’s definitely off to Monaco.

Either way, she’ll be off to Monaco – so she’s either going there to stay as a fugitive or a free woman. It all depends on her motivation to keep her entitled self out of jail.

What do you think?

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