Lindsay Lohan needs a rehab sponsor

On Friday morning, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced by Judge Elden Fox to continue her treatment at the Betty Ford Center. Since, she has claimed that she’s broke and her clothing line, 6126, is failing because she can’t micro-manage it. Therefore, she claims that she’s currently unable to earn money, leaving her unable to pay for her treatment.

And instead of doing what any normal person would do, which is finding a cheaper rehab facility. But not Lindsay, no, she’s way too good for that. She is now in search of a sponsor for her treatment at the facility.

A pal of Lindsay’s said, “Lindsay can’t afford to pay for treatment. Three months at the facility will cost her almost $50,000, which she doesn’t have.”

An insider said, “There is simply no money left. Lindsay manages to live high off the generosity of others. However, asking for free clothes and dinners at fancy restaurants is one thing, asking for $50,000 cash is something totally different. Her people tried and failed to sell her first post rehab interview for big bucks, so her only option now is to find some sort of sponsor.”

Who do you think will end up sponsoring her?

Lindsay Lohan needs a rehab sponsor was last modified: June 25th, 2011 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • mannequin

    Some sort of sponsor? That’s like giving bail to an ax-murderer.
    Why can’t she attend a rehab for common folk? Why can’t Mommy Dearest Dina….{gasp} get a job and help her daughter?
    Someone that wears $1,000+ shoes is not broke. Someone that has no money for food is broke. Lindsay’s day of reckoning is here; it’s up to her to make ammends.