Lindsay Lohan Not Drunk During Porsche Crash

Lindsay Lohan Not Drunk During Porsche Crash

Lindsay Lohan crashed her rented Porsche on the Pacific Coast Highway on Friday. The truck driver she smacked into claimed he was told that a famous person was in the car which rear-ended him and they didn’t want a lot of media attention. He claims that he also witnessed Lindsay’s people putting stuff from the car into a pink bag — of which he was asked not to mention to the police.

Now, we’ve learned that there was a water bottle in the trunk of the car that had booze in it. Was Lindsay trying to have her people remove stuff from the scene of the accident? The good news for Lindsay is that she was given a breathalyzer test and she passed.

A source close to the actress told “Radar Online”, “Lindsay was given a portable breathalyzer test along with several other field sobriety tests and she passed them all. She did everything that was asked of her and cooperated fully. This is why the cops didn’t request a blood sample from Lindsay, as they concluded that she wasn’t under the influence and didn’t need to be given a blood test. Lindsay was shaken up obviously about the accident, but that is to be expected. The cops told her that she was lucky to be alive, and her seat belt absolutely saved her life.”

Still, Lindsay could face trouble as a result of the incident — for lying to the cops. She told police officers that she was not driving the Porsche when the accident happened, yet later, her assistant told the police that she was, in fact, driving. Will she do jail time?

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