Lindsay Lohan Offered A Record Deal

Lindsay Lohan Offered A Record Deal

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has been offered up her very own record deal. As you may already know, Lindsay has already released two albums, Speak and A Little More Personal (Raw). Now, she is re-entering the music business with guns blazing.

According to the latest gossip, Charlotte-based record label SMH Records has offered Lindsay a nice deal because they feel they are confident that they can make her into a success. In fact, they believe that it will be the comeback that she is so desperately looking for.

Jonathan Hay, founding partner of SMH Records said, “Lindsay is a tremendous talent and our distribution through Capital/Universal Music Group means we have the resources to help Lindsay make her comeback.”

Do you think Lindsay has enough talent as a singer to make it in the music business this time around? Hit the comments below and leave us your thoughts!

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