Lindsay Lohan On OWN: Can She Resurrect Her Career?

Lindsay Lohan On OWN: Can She Resurrect Her Career?

Lindsay Lohan has been trying to play the role of the comeback kid for a while now. After numerous troubles, she is leaning on talk show titan Oprah Winfrey in order to help her get her life and career back on track.

So far in her life and career, she has been full of blame for other people and hasn’t fully taken responsibility for her actions. Since exiting rehab last year, she signed up with OWN to film a docu-series based on her life and experiences in the spotlight.

In the first part of the series, we’ve learned that Lohan has a hard time renting a place to live. Afterward, she decides to switch hotel rooms in the same hotel and has her assistant making the changes for her. She also complains that the “ever-present” paparazzi are always chomping at the bit and that she feels like a prisoner all of the time.

Lohan revealed, “I know that this is my last shot at doing what I love to do. It does take getting to a really scary place and think you can do everything, but no you can’t. And there is nothing left in having a drink for me. What’s left in that feeling? Nothing. There is no party I haven’t gone to, no person I haven’t hung out with. There’s no situation that I haven’t been exposed to. There’s nothing left in that for me to experience that I haven’t already experienced.”

She added, “Some of it was fun, some of it was really not, but I’ve had that. So maybe trying another way for me, which is living with integrity and living in control of my own self — that’s the life I want now.”

Can she get that new chapter in her life that she is longing for so desperately? Perhaps she should have a psychic reading to find out for sure. She may never know what the future holds, but at least she’ll have a fighting chance. What do you think?

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