Lindsay Lohan Ordered Barron Hilton Attack?

Lindsay Lohan Ordered Barron Hilton Attack?

Did Lindsay Lohan really order an attack on Paris Hilton’s little brother Barron Hilton? It would appear so, if the latest gossip is to be believed.

On Friday, Barron was attacked at a party in a Miami mansion and he blames Lindsay for all of it. Barron was said to be talking smack about Lindsay (who doesn’t?) and as a result, was on the receiving end of a epic beatdown.

TMZ reports that Lindsay was screaming at Barron, “You talk s**t about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get!” Afterward, her male pal began punching Barron repeatedly while Lindsay allegedly looked on, laughed and encouraged him.

Lindsay has since denied being around for the attack, but TMZ dug up some footage of Lindsay and Barron’s verbal confrontation while she was getting in a black SUV. Afterward, Barron went to the hospital for his injuries after denying a ride via ambulance.

Reports state that the party was fueled by booze and cocaine but Lindsay wasn’t partaking in those festivities. When interviewed by the police, Barron could not identify his attacker, but claimed that Lindsay was behind the whole thing.

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