Lindsay Lohan Pays Stephen Clark For Speaker Installation Bill

Lindsay Lohan Pays Stephen Clark For Speaker Installation Bill

Proving that she actually knows that you can use money for more than just shopping and Vodka, Lindsay Lohan has paid her debt to the guy who installed her stereo equipment.

Apparently, it’s the guy who did the installation that might want to open mouth and insert foot here. Who knew?!? Either that, or he’s just covering for that “born druggie” comment that he hurled at her just yesterday. Backpedaling…it’s not only for celebrities anymore.

Stephen Clark took Lindsay to small claims court over a $1,180 bill that she neglected to pay for audio and visual equipment and installation.

He now says that Lindsay has coughed up the dough and that she is “actually very nice.” He’s even going as far as assigning blame to himself for the mix up. How much did she pay him?!? A fat bonus for getting thrown under the bus so she doesn’t look like a dead beat?!??

Stephen said, “She paid and I canceled the small claims file. Lindsay is actually really nice and I think my invoice got mixed up or something. It’s all good now!”

I’ve done bill collections for years and no one goes through that much trouble over a mix up with an invoice. Maybe Lindsay is just special like that where no rules apply.

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