Lindsay Lohan Really Wants To Get Back To Working

Lindsay Lohan Really Wants To Get Back To Working

As you may have heard, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan made her production debut on West End in London in David Mamet’s stage play “Speed The Plow”. She flubbed her lines and had to have her lines shouted to her from off stage on several occasions. Not only that, but she also kept a book of her lines with her as a prop so that she wouldn’t forget where she was in the play.

The redheaded actress is hoping that her role as secretary Karen in the stage production will draw attention to her career as an actress. In the United States, she became more known for her partying lifestyle as opposed to her skills on the big screen.

She actually moved from New York City to London, England in order to get her career back on track. When asked what made her leave the Big Apple and move to London, she revealed exactly what she wants to get from it. She revealed, “I’m at a point when I want a diligent routine and I really want to get back into work. And I wanted to do something different: people have certain perceptions of me and I wanted to change them by doing something like a Mamet play. I’m hoping it’ll take attention from me as a celebrity name and draw attention to the fact that I’m an actress.”

She hasn’t exactly quit the partying since jumping across the pond, however. She has become a regular feature at the Chiltern Firehouse restaurant. She said, “When I first went there it wasn’t properly open. And then like all of a sudden there’s tons of paparazzi, so I stopped going for a while. But it’s funny I’ve become associated with it. I’m always in Mayfair; I walk to China Tang on Sundays. I love Cecconi’s. I love Roka. I love walking in Notting Hill; I watched the World Cup there!”

She added, “I sold my place in New York. I love the energy of New York but I feel London’s more adult. I mean, things do close here.”

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