Lindsay Lohan Refuses ‘Million Dollar Decorators’ Big Reveal

Lindsay Lohan Refuses 'Million Dollar Decorators' Big Reveal

In addition to being broke, owing the IRS a metric ton of cash and in some rather steep legal trouble, Lindsay Lohan is also causing waves for the Bravo network. She took part in an episode of a show called “Million Dollar Decorators” in which they gave her $200,000 worth of furnishings for her Beverly Hills home. The only problem? She went radio silent when it came time to film the big reveal.

She reportedly agreed to film the show in exchange for the free goodies, but also part of the deal was allowing the camera crews back in to tape her reaction to the renovations. She is said to be renting the place out for a whopping $8,000 per month and her lease is up in February.

Lindsay cooperated with the producers of the show to film the furniture shopping portion of the show back in March. Now that the changes have been made, she has stopped all communications with the show’s producers. They said that the house was too messy to be filmed and the producers are currently trying to cobble together footage to air.

Lindsay’s episode is set to air early next year. Will you be tuning in?

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  • temp64

    Surprised? Nlo. Will I watch it? No. And that photo shows how ugly she’s become.

    • Lindsay lilo

      You look like my ass on the toilet!!!

  • Keith Taylor

    Put her in jail already.

    • Lindsay lilo

      Keith Taylor is a bitch boy!!!

  • Lindsay lilo

    I will lick your ass!!!

  • Lindsay lilo

    Keith Taylor is a bitch boy!!!

  • Sierra

    That’s because she has no class. At all. Why people keep on doing this for her, I’ll never understand. Maybe, just maybe, if ANYONE at all (including the legal system) held her accountable for her own actions, she might have a shot at getting her act together. Maybe.