Lindsay Lohan Released From Hospital Following Chikungunya Scare

Lindsay Lohan Released From Hospital Following Chikungunya Scare

Lindsay Lohan has been released from the hospital following her scare with the rare virus Chikungunya. Reportedly, the actress was hospitalized in London and was taken to King Edward VII’s hospital where she was being treated for the virus.

Lohan apparently picked up the virus while taking a vacation in Bora Bora where it was said that mosquitoes transmitted the virus to her. The virus causes joint pain, fever and fatigue. After contracting the virus, Lohan flew to Los Angeles to film her reported Super Bowl commercial for Esurance. After filming was complete in L.A., Lohan flew back to London where she’s been living. It was then that she began complaining about the illness – right before New Year’s Eve. Upon returning to London, we’ve learned that she felt so ill that she couldn’t even walk.

Lohan was just released from the hospital after her fever broke, but she still feels intense joint pain. As a result, doctors at the hospital have referred her to a specialist who deals with the virus.

Lohan won’t have to suffer alone – we’ve learned that her mother Dina is en route to London in order to be by her daughter’s side.

A source revealed of the actress’ complaints, “She could hardly stand up, she was in so much pain. She was getting better, but with all the travelling, it wore her down, so the virus acted up again. It was like a relapse.”

Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized for Chikungunya, but has been released shortly thereafter. The joint pain from the virus is said to last anywhere up to three weeks.

We will see Lindsay Lohan in her Esurance commercial next, but we are still questioning their choice of the actress for their brand, considering her driving record. Despite that, let’s hope that the commercial is super funny. Lohan definitely needs to make a return to comedy. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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