Lindsay Lohan releases third album details

Since Lindsay Lohan isn’t partying it up or falling out of clubs anymore (so she says), she’s been feverishly on Twitter, retweeting fans proclamations of how much they love her, etc.

In the midst of all of that, a fan asked about her upcoming third album, to which she replied, “snoop dogg is on it… and i can’t say the others yet!! kara d and jr rotem wrote a track that has a madonna undertone.. shhhh lol”

Translation from crackie to English: Snoop Dogg collaborated and Kara DioGuardi and J.R. Rotem wrote a song for the album. It’s going to resemble something that Madonna has done, but what hasn’t she done? So that’s cryptic.

Are you excited for her new album? Or do you care what she does anymore as long as she goes away?

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