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Lindsay Lohan Slams ‘Glee’

Lindsay Lohan Slams 'Glee'

In some rather old news that has resurfaced thanks to Lindsay Lohan’s recent comments, she is now blasting the show Glee for comments that they’ve made about her. Again?!??

In the episode she’s referring to, Gwyneth Paltrow’s character questions the class in Spanish about how many times the actress has been to rehab. She’s so miffed about the whole thing that she’s bringing it up again, months later.

She said, “I don’t watch Glee. They’ve made a lot of snarky remarks about me and I don’t know why. So, no, I would not want to go on the show.”

I know why, Linds. They’ve made snarky comments about you on the show because it’s freakin’ funny…..AND you’re a celebrity doing stupid crap. So it’s obviously going to be fodder for television shows.

In spite of her dissing the show, she has nothing against the show’s cast. She added, “They are all really talented.”

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