Lindsay Lohan Still Feels She Can Win An Oscar

Lindsay Lohan Still Feels She Can Win An Oscar

Lindsay Lohan once said that her career aspirations included winning an Oscar within the next five years. She also said that she would never go nude and we see where that got her.

A snitch close to the rehabbed actress said that Lindsay still feels she’s got what it takes to win an Academy Award. The source said, “Lindsay is clearly living on a different planet. Her life is in tatters and no one in Hollywood will even take her calls. But she still sees herself as a player, and she’s telling friends that her career is going better than ever. She’s even talking about finding a role that will make her dream of winning an Oscar come true!”

She even went as far as crashing the J. Edgar party, just so that she could talk to Leo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood. It’s a good thing their handlers can handle the Crackie, because they had them avoiding her like the Plague.

The source revealed, “Their team held Lindsay at bay, but everyone at the party was horrified at her behavior. At this point, the best gig she can get is a nude pictorial for Playboy – and she almost blew that!”

It wouldn’t be the first time she blew something.

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