Lindsay Lohan To Do Another Playboy Shoot?

Lindsay Lohan To Do Another Playboy Shoot?

Given all of the reports that suggested Lindsay Lohan’s cover shoot for Playboy magazine has gone over so well, it appears that she might just do another one. For the money, perhaps? Has she burned through the cash that she made from the first one?

Some have said that Lindsay’s issue didn’t go over so well, but others stated that her issue of the men’s magazine was flying off of the shelves. She channeled Marilyn Monroe for the photos, leaving little to the imagination.

After the photos leaked online, Playboy was forced with no other choice but to release her issue earlier than planned. When the issue was made public, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner tweeted, “The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records.”

In an even more recent interview, he said, “It was huge.”

Given all of that success, we are hearing that it is a very distinct possibility that Lindsay will go naked for the magazine once more. Hef said that she will “quite possibly” do another shoot. Lindsay’s rep stated that they have no plans to do so — for now.

Stay tuned. It’s likely that she’ll do it when she runs out of cash.

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