Lindsay Lohan To Go To Jail Over Community Service Hours?

Lindsay Lohan To Go To Jail Over Community Service Hours?

Back in January, Lindsay Lohan claimed that she’d completed her community service, but the prosecutor and judge in the case called BS on her story. As it turns out, you really can’t claim signing autographs after your stage play as community service hours. Tough lesson there for the rich and entitled, no?

I guess some mysterious disease isn’t going to save her bacon this time, because it sounds like it’s put up or shut up time and the judge is tired of excuses. She saved the bulk of her hours to complete at the last minute last time, but was rebuffed when the judge wanted something more substantial for community service hours other than just hanging with fans after Speed The Plow.

According to new reports surrounding the troubled actress, she still has 125 hours of legit community service hours to complete and she is way behind. In fact, the judge has declared that she has to get her act together before the end of the month or risk going to jail.

TMZ reported that Lohan got credit for ten hours of community service after it was revealed that she was posting photos on the Facebook page of the community service organization. Some are calling those ten hours into question after it was said that she was given a thumb drive containing the pictures so that she could complete her hours from the comfort of her London flat.

What’s worse is that no one is sure whether or not Lohan actually completed the work herself or if she passed off the job to her faithful assistant. Uploading pictures to Facebook is obviously beneath her, no? Besides that, it’s not like she would lie about something like that. Oh wait, she might.

Now that the person in charge of Lohan’s community service learned that she was basically coddled during her supposed community service time, she has issued an apology to the judge over the mishap.

Now, Lindsay Lohan has been given until May 28, 2015 to get all of her community service hours completed. If she hasn’t, then we’ve heard that she will face the wrath of the judge – who will likely cave in and grant her more time. Lohan is a celebrity and nothing is actually going to teach her a real lesson. She should’ve been picking up garbage and cleaning graffiti where she could’ve been actually supervised – then she would’ve had no excuses and more than a few people vouching for the legitimacy of her community service hours.

Do you think she will see the inside of a jail cell this time around? Hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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