Lindsay Lohan To Move To New York Post-Rehab?

Lindsay Lohan To Move To New York Post-Rehab?

When Lindsay Lohan finally leaves rehab at the Cliffside rehab center in Malibu, she’s said to be leaving for New York City. Despite the fact that Lindsay has said that she wants to get completely out of the spotlight and away from the draw of her previous life as an addict, she wants to jump right back into the city life. So much for disappearing in fear of a relapse!

Let’s just hope that the rumors that are making the rounds about Lindsay staying with Dina couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s like jumping from the frying pan into the flames, isn’t it?

Dina revealed that Lindsay will be returning to the Big Apple. She said, “Lindsay is 27, my kids all have their own places. She’s not going to move back home. She’ll be getting an apartment in New York. She’ll be in New York. It’s great because Ali is in New York with Wilhemina Models.”

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Ha! Don’t you just love how she threw in a plug for Ali’s career in there?!? Too funny.

She continued, “Michael is in New York. My other little guy is 17 and he’s still at home and going to St. Anthony’s. The rest may come home to mom, but they don’t want to live with me.”

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And who could blame them for not wanting to live with her again? Look at how they all turned out so far. After Lindsay is settled in NYC, she’ll be mentored by the great talk show titan Oprah Winfrey. Of that Dina added, “Oh, it’s fantastic. If anyone is going to help mentor you, it’s going to be Oprah.

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