Lindsay Lohan to play CIA agent in Escaping The Game?

Lindsay Lohan might just be in talks to play a sexy C.I.A. agent in the new flick, Escaping The Game.

Despite her recent legal issues, a new production company is considering hiring her for their new movie, which would see her playing a role similar to Angelina Jolie’s role in Salt.

Contact Music reports:

Lohan apparently expressed a great deal of interest in the role several months ago, but her run in with the law meant that no deal was done. The actress was sent to prison in June 2010 for violating the terms of her DUI probation. However, after being released she failed a drugs test and was sent to jail once more in September, before being granted a $300,000 bail last week.

Nathan Folks, the writer and producer of ‘Escaping The Game’, said, “From the title alone you can only imagine that this film is right up her alley. We believe that Lindsay is perfect for the role, and because of her experience as a tormented starlet, she is ideal to play the role”. Lohan’s recent behaviour has led to reports that the 24-year-old wouldn’t be insured to appear in such films, but Folks seems unperturbed, saying, “Studios have dealt with this problem for many years, the only difference now is that it’s more public because of the internet. ROBERT DOWNEY JR had problems and he still was able to make films.”

What do you think? Should she do it?

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