Lindsay Lohan To Play Elizabeth Taylor In Her Biopic?

Lindsay Lohan To Play Elizabeth Taylor In Her Biopic?

Stop the press! It appears that Lindsay Lohan has found acting work! Oh wait, it’s for a Lifetime movie. Carry on.

According to reports, Lindsay is set to appear in a Lifetime biopic on the life of Elizabeth Taylor. Come on, guys, she just passed away last March, can we still have time to mourn the loss of a legend, instead of crapping all over her legacy?

The Wrap reports:

[Lindsay] Lohan, 25, is in talks to play Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime biopic “Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story.” An individual familiar with the negotiations told TheWrap that Lohan is in early conversations about the project.

Seriously. Why do the people at Lifetime hate Liz Taylor so much? Surely there is a more reputable actress out there that could take on the role of an icon. Or is this all the work of Lindsay’s mother Dina in order to land her an audition for the role?

Who do you think would be fit to play Elizabeth Taylor in a biopic? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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  • Anonymous

    At one time, Lindsey Lohan was an incredible actress, if she gets this role I hope she does Elizabeth Taylor justice.