Lindsay Lohan upset over Miley Cyrus SNL comments

Lindsay Lohan upset over Miley Cyrus SNL comments

During her hosting duties for Saturday Night Live, Disney teen queen Miley Cyrus mocked Lindsay Lohan and also made light of her own bong smoking scandal. Apparently, Lindsay wasn’t amused at all!

Lindsay has send SNL head honcho Lorne Michaels a letter, saying that she’s disappointed that he allowed Miley to mock her on the show. So she’s telling on her?!?? What is this, the fifth grade???

Reportedly, Lindsay considered Lorne a father figure and a mentor and was miffed that Miley was allowed to make fun of her.

TMZ has more:

In case you missed the show — Miley finished her opening monologue with a musical number which included the lyric, “I never stole a necklace or got a DUI .. never cheated on wife like that golfer guy … so what if you can see a little boob from the side … I’m sorry if I’m not perfect.”

Too funny.

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