Lindsay Lohan Wants Samantha Ronson Back For A Reality Show

Lindsay Lohan Wants Samantha Ronson Back For A Reality Show

Rehabbed actress Lindsay Lohan is reportedly looking to get back together with her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson! Can you imagine that? The former couple didn’t exactly leave their relationship on good terms and Sam didn’t want anything to really do with drugged up Lindsay, so they eventually parted ways. Now, it appears that Lindsay is looking to cash in on her former lesbian relationship with the celebrity DJ.

According to reports, Lindsay has been bombarding Sam with flowers, text messages and gifts in order to attempt to woo her once again. Despite what you may think, Lindsay is thinking like a Kardashian and is only thinking of the monetary payoff in all of this. It figures, doesn’t it?

The latest gossip surrounding the redheaded actress is that she is only wanting to reunite with Sam because she thinks a big lesbian wedding would make for good reality television. We swear that we can’t even make this stuff up.

You have probably already heard that Lindsay has been filming an eight-part docuseries for OWN. The documentary will focus on Lindsay’s attempts to get her career back on track, but if it doesn’t make it to television, Lindsay has a backup plan in place.

A source said, “You have to give her credit, when it comes to cashing in on her fame, no one beats Lindsay. She’s a born hustler with incredible instincts for making money off the public’s fascination with her roller-coaster life. Sam is incredibly flattered that Lindsay wants her back. And she’s certainly doing nothing to discourage her.”

How far will Lindsay go to make her reality TV dreams come true? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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