Lindsay Lohan Wants To Be A Mother?

Lindsay Lohan Wants To Be A Mother?

This might be the funniest post about Lindsay Lohan that you read all day. She’s a 25-year-old rehabbed (more than once) “model” and “actress” who can’t seem to take care of herself. However, there are rumors floating around that Lindsay wants to become a mother.

Holy Jesus, if the rumors are true, I’m moving to a different planet. The Lohans have reproduced enough, thank you very much.

Within a year, Now magazine (via Monsters and Critics) says that Lindsay wants to populate her uterus with a Lohan baby.

A source said, “Lindsay wants to be a mom as soon as possible. Her mom Dina Lohan was 24 when she had Lindsay and she’s always wanted to have kids in her twenties too.”

God help us all, it will be the coming of the apocalypse if this one decides to procreate while she’s still in party mode. Sure, Dina was a young mother, and look how well her kids turned out…

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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