Lindsay Lohan Was Paid $50,000 For Halloween Job, But Screwed Up

Lindsay Lohan Was Paid $50,000 For Halloween Job, But Screwed Up

Lindsay Lohan was paid upwards from $50,000 to host a Halloween party at Foxwoods casino in Connecticut at 10PM. Unfortunately for her, she was so late that the casino is asking for part of its money back. She’s never really on time for anything, is she?

According to reports, she didn’t show up to the party on Halloween until 11:43PM. This caused the managers at the venue to be enraged and ask for a good chunk of their money back. When she got there, she was supposed to pose for photos on the red carpet and talk to her fans in attendance. Instead, she walked right into the party.

TMZ reports:

Lindsay didn’t completely drop the ball. We’re told she and co-host Floyd Mayweather Jr. judged the Halloween costume contest together and actually did a decent job. (FYI, Lindsay was dressed as Carrie and Floyd was dressed as Freddy Krueger.)

For what it’s worth, we’re told Floyd (who was paid about the same as Lindsay) was late too — but he made up for it by spending time with fans, signing autographs and taking photos. Lindsay, not so much.

It’s a shame that she couldn’t even show up on time and do what she was obviously getting paid for. Certainly the casino is in their rights to ask for part of their money back. For future reference, perhaps no one should really fork over the money to Lindsay ahead of the gig? Just a thought!

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