Lindsay Lohan’s Co-Workers Think She Looks Just Like Elizabeth Taylor

Lindsay Lohan's Co-Workers Think She Looks Just Like Elizabeth Taylor

Each day it seems that new photos of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor are trickling out in the media in order to continue promoting her Lifetime movie, “Liz And Dick”. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Surely, the casting director could’ve found someone who actually resembles Liz to play the role of her in this movie. Certainly there has to be an unknown out there who looks like Elizabeth.

What’s funny is that Lindsay’s co-workers are snowed into believing that Lindsay looks just like Liz. Are they serious?!?

The movie’s costume designer, Salvador Perez said that when Lindsay first walked onto the set of the movie dressed up as Liz “there was an audible gasp.” He said, “You’d swear it was Elizabeth.”

The movie’s producer Larry Thompson said, “Part of the magic is the wardrobe. And Lindsay said she wants to bring magic to the movie.”

Makeup artist Eryn Krueger Mekash said, “She brings in makeup for me.” The movie’s hairstylist said, “She looks so much like her. There was a moment when she saw her picture on the monitor and said, ‘I’m her.’ It was thrilling.”

There must be something cracktastic in the water over at the Lifetime studios. Anyone crazy enough to think that Lindsay looks anything like Liz Taylor is beyond retarded.

Lindsay Lohan’s Co-Workers Think She Looks Just Like Elizabeth Taylor was last modified: June 7th, 2012 by Lydia Harris
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  • Susan Kowalczyk

    Lindsay Lohan appears to be a piece of trash who thrives on notoriety by gaining any type of negative publicity.  She’s sickening and disgusting, and NOT EVEN HOT.  She’s the opposite and I’m sick of seeing her face.

  • Susan Kowalczyk

    Horrible actress.  Sickening to look at or even hear about.  Seems the only way she begs for notoriaty is for getting into enough trouble to attract the press–and she’s NOT THAT HOT like everyone seems to claim–she’s the average ho hum nothing wantta be.

  • Susan Kowalczyk

    Too bad I can’t say what I REALLY think.