Lindsay Lohan’s Conquest List Just Got Bigger

Lindsay Lohan's Conquest List Just Got Bigger

“In Touch Weekly” magazine just loves dragging out the drama with some celebrities and troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is no different. Just last week, the tabloid revealed that Lindsay had hooked up with a string of men of whom were revealed on her very own conquest list. Naturally, to drag things out, the tabloid blurred out most of the names.

Last week’s reveal showed us that Lindsay hooked up with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Zac Efron and Joaquin Phoenix. Now, the magazine has unveiled some new names with more to come next week, we’re sure. From this batch, Lindsay added Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Phillippe, Stavros Niarchos (Paris Hilton’s ex), Benicio Del Toro, Aaron Voros and model Petey Wright.

On this particular list, she bragged about hooking up with a total of 36 men. It’s likely that more names will be revealed by the tabloid in order to sell the maximum amount of copies. In other news, Lindsay Lohan will do anything for cash, even sell out her bang list.

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