Lindsay Lohan’s Family Denies Her Involvement In Barron Hilton Beat Down

Lindsay Lohan's Family Denies Her Involvement In Barron Hilton Beat Down

Lindsay Lohan is basically taking the same stance as she always has when something unfavorable to her goes down. Of course she is denying having anything to do with the beat down that Barron Hilton suffered. She was said to have ordered her friend to beat Barron down — even though there are a lot of mixed signals going around about what actually happened.

Some have said that Barron was in attendance at the perp’s rented house for his party and began throwing around the old “Don’t you know who I am?” line. When that happened, he was confronted to leave the party by Ray Lemoine and refused. Afterward, he allegedly attacked the guy who was renting the house and got his butt kicked.

When Barron was carted off to the hospital, he pinned the blame on Lindsay Lohan. The day after the attack, Barron took to his official Instagram account to share the above photo of his cuts and bruises from the attack.

Barron said that Lindsay ordered the attack on him because she believed that he’d insulted her. Now, Dina Lohan is crawling out of the bottle wood work to give her two cents on the matter. Because Dina would NEVER lie or make anything up to save her daughter’s bacon.

She said that TMZ “doesn’t have the facts. Everything they’re saying is not based on fact.”

A rep for Ray Lemoine has said that none of the blame should fall on Lindsay’s shoulders as she had nothing to do with the attack. The rep also said that Barron got physical first after he was asked to leave the premises and refusing to comply.

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