Lindsay Lohan’s Gnarly Grill, Horrific Hands (Photo)

I’m not sure why Lindsay Lohan was invited to some party for ‘Saints Row: The Third’ last night in Hollywood — but if the driving dynamics of the newest addition to the Xbox exclusive title are as bad as previously, then messy Lindsay might just be the perfect cover girl for the game.

The 23 year old actress was spotted with yellow, chipped teeth, and her hands were badly smudged with nail polish along with what appeared to be soot — having not-so-glamourous shots taken on photographer’s row.

Is the downhill slide of Lohan’s career starting to actually get ugly or will she realize that it’s time for some dental veneers and sober manicures?

Correction: ‘Saints Row: The Third’ is actually not an exclusive title and will also be on PS3, I still maintain that the driving and physics in GTA IV is far superior and that if it is as bad as #2 then they might as well just call it ‘Saints Row: The Third Turd’. This has no bearing on Lohan’s apparent entropic failure, I just wanted to clear up what’s really important here.

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