Lindsay Lohan’s Jimmy Fallon ‘Let Us Play With Your Look’ Skit (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan's Jimmy Fallon 'Let Us Play With Your Look' Skit

As Jimmy Fallon screeched over and over “Let Us Play With Your Look”, Lindsay Lohan emerged from the back of the audience. She walked through the crowd, motioned for a guy to follow her on stage and proceeded to “play with his look”.

So basically, Lindsay snubbed Barbara Walters to sit down with Jay Leno and do really dumb, unfunny skits on Jimmy Fallon. Babs must be livid!

Watch the video below:

Lindsay looked strangely uncomfortable as Jimmy (in character) fell over on the rug and got swooped up backstage. She messed her victim’s hair up into a faux-hawk and then it was weirdly as if she had absolutely no idea as to what she was going to do next.

After her momentary lapse of reason, Lindsay scurries off to the back curtains looking frantically for an exit. With all of the crack shenanigans this girl has gotten herself into, we are honestly not sure if she is acting or if this is real. What do you think?

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