Lindsay Lohan’s Lost Laptop Has Nude Photos On It

Lindsay Lohan's Lost Laptop Has Nude Photos On It

As we have previously suspected, Lindsay Lohan’s stolen laptop has some ultra-racy goodies on it that she doesn’t want getting out. We guessed that it would be a sex tape of sorts, but apparently we were close. According to reports, when Lindsay’s laptop was jacked, it had a bunch of nude photos of her on it.

It’s really no wonder why she is offering up a huge reward for her laptop’s return. She doesn’t want her nude pictures to flood the internet like a tidal wave. It hasn’t been revealed how much she is willing to pay for the reward, but we’ve heard reports that it’s a lot. Reportedly, the computer contains never before seen nude pictures that she has done throughout the years.

Do you think someone will come forward with the laptop and save her the embarrassment? It’s not like it’s something that people haven’t already seen, right?

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