Lindsay Lohan’s Publicist Steve Honig Quits!

Lindsay Lohan's Publicist Steve Honig Quits!

Lindsay Lohan’s publicist Steve Honig has quit — and it all comes down to a beef between himself and her father Michael.

Mike said that he and Steve butted heads when he tried to stage his failed intervention. He had emails which allegedly showed that he was communicating with Lindsay’s entire management team. He claimed that they were on board for the intervention, but Steve released a statement saying that her team had nothing to do with his intervention plans.

Mike called Steve a liar and the beef caused him to quit working for her after a year-and-a-half of providing his spinning services. When asked about the reason for his departure, he said, “I’m not discussing this out of respect for my client.”

He’s had to endure a lot being her publicist!

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