Lindsay Lohan’s Purse Stolen & Returned

Lindsay Lohan's Purse Stolen & Returned

Fresh from her nude photo Playboy leak, Lindsay Lohan jetted off to Hawaii to get away from all of the press surrounding the pictorial. One thing didn’t go her way apparently. According to reports, while hanging out in Hawaii, her purse was stolen!

Inside the Chanel purse, she had her passport, probation documents allowing her to leave the country and $10,000 in cash. Who carries that much cash on them?!?

She was at a party and was said to have left her purse in the car. While she was inside, some nefarious thief snatched her bag and all of its contents. The purse was returned to Lindsay, minus, of course, the cash.

TMZ reports:

But that’s when one of her friend’s eyed a suspicious-looking local, and asked if he knew where the bag was. We’re told the local denied everything, but showed up with the bag minutes later … claiming he found it on the street somewhere.

We’re told Lindsay was so ecstatic to have the bag back, she didn’t bother asking questions — despite the missing $10,000.

That’s a lot of money and she’s not seeming to bat an eye over it. Insane!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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