Lionel Richie Owes $1.1 Million In Taxes

Lionel Richie Owes $1.1 Million In Taxes

Legendary singer Lionel Richie has a fat debt to Uncle Sam which he owes — a whopping $1.1 million, to be precise! Could you imagine owing that much just in tax debt alone?

If you’re Lionel Richie, then chances are this little tax thing is just a tiny blip on your radar. The singer is said to be worth an estimated $200 million. TMZ uncovered that Lionel owed the federal government $1,130,609.11 in unpaid income taxes for the year 2010.

The IRS has slapped Lionel with a lien, which means that they are seriously going to go after his things if he doesn’t cough up the dough as soon as possible.

That is a giant whopper of a tax debt. We’re sure that he’ll have that taken care of before you can say, “Hello, it’s me you’re looking for.”

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