Lisa Robin Kelly’s Mysterious Death: Multiple Investigations Being Conducted

Lisa Robin Kelly’s Mysterious Death: Multiple Investigations Being Conducted

Due to strange inconsistencies surrounding the death of That 70s Show actress Lisa Robin Kelly both the Los Angeles County coroner and the Los Angeles County Sheriff are conducting separate investigations according to reports.

The 43-year-old died while at a California rehab facility, and law enforcement sources say that the county coroner didn’t receive call from the treatment center. A doctor at the rehab pronounced the actress dead at 8:07 a.m. on Aug. 15, but the coroner only became aware of the death at noon, when an official read TMZ’s story online. Not to mention this same doctor told the coroner that the troubled actress’ cause of death was an embolism. While that is entirely possible it is near impossible to diagnose on the surface and only an autopsy would show that.

What strikes this reporter as strange is the fact that this medical facility did not immediately follow standard operating procedure by notifying the coroner right away. It is not like these were civilians or friends around her at the time of death; these were professionals that are trained to know the proper protocol. Not to mention the public finger pointing between the boyfriend and estranged husband being “at fault” makes the whole thing suspect.

While the death is being investigated all information will be locked. Funeral arrangements will not be made until after the body is released, which may be a few more weeks. Couple this with all of the drama surrounding the estranged husband being her only legal next of kin. This poor soul will not be resting for quite some time.

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