Little known talent

With no current vocalist, The Deadlight Effect has already recorded two tracks; “Clouded Hand” and “Waylaid”. “Clouded Hand” is a very ambient sounding instrumental number. They have spirit, melody, and the natural flow of musical talent. This song is indeed my favorite out of the two.

The other, faster song is “Waylaid”. I want to call this melodic metal, but that just doesn’t seem to fit. What I can say is that this music is screaming for a female vocalist.

Think Angtoria.

The verdict: I love finding good music

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  • Marcus the Heartless

    Posted on The Deadlight Effect’s MySpace page 10/22/07


    We just made it back from our two week excursion in California recording the upcoming album. After spending days hauled up in the studio, followed by nights cramped up with four dudes in a treehouse-sized room, a diet consisting of mainly soup & crackers, & any leftover down-time spent polishing up our Guitar Hero skills, we can honestly say we are very pleased with the way the album came out.

    We will be posting new songs in the next couple days. We will also have the tracklisting, cover artwork, album title & a bunch other relative info to check out. Expect a new blog in the next couple days as well. The old demos currently posted(Clouded Hand, Waylaid) will be removed, so if you want, check those out one last time.

    A sincere thanks to everyone for your support,

    ~The Deadlight Effect~

    MySpace URL:

    Band Website

    Andy -Lead Clean Vocals/Lead Guitar
    Flavio – Lead Scream Vocals/Back-up Vocals/Bass
    Ryan – Keys/Guitar/Samples
    Danny – Back-up Vocals/Drums

  • Marcus the Heartless

    hahaha…no female vocalist, sadly…