LL Cool J Knocks Out Intruder; Won’t Be Charged With Assault

LL Cool Jay Knocks Out Intruder; Won't Be Charged With Assault

LL Cool J isn’t one to let a would-be burglar get in his way. When the rapper came face-to-face with the burglar in his own home, he knocked the guy out. Can you blame him?

Police sources revealed that a burglar came into LL’s home in Los Angeles at around 2AM, but one thing stood in the guy’s way and that was the rapper himself. When LL heard the noise downstairs, he went to investigate. The burglar sounded off LL’s alarm system and LL decided to take the guy out. LL detained the intruder until the police arrived, but not before he was able to break the guy’s jaw and nose.

While the guy is currently being treated at the hospital for his injuries, we’ve learned that LL Cool J will not be charged with assault. LL’s rep said, “He is committed to keeping his family safe and is cooperating with authorities.”

You break into someone’s home and they’re at home — you can expect to face the consequences.

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