Luc Carl is only using Lady Gaga?

Luc Carl is back together with Lady Gaga and it’s being said that he’s only using her. Ugh, I hope this isn’t true.

NY Daily News reports:

Lady Gaga is back together with her bartender ex Luc, and it’s going so well that she’s been talking marriage. Not so fast, says Life & Style. It looks as if Luc is only with her to get publicity for his blog,, which chronicles his effort to lose 40 pounds without slowing his partying, and which he hopes to turn into a book deal. “There are tons of diet books coming out, but he has a celebrity connection,” a publishing expert tells the mag. “It will drive sales.”

I’ve checked out his website and it seems rather decent enough. He’s a running enthusiast who digs rock and roll. He seems right up her alley. I hope that they’re together for the right reasons. Lady Gaga is fierce, she deserves the best!

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