Luc Carl is only using Lady Gaga?

Luc Carl is back together with Lady Gaga and it’s being said that he’s only using her. Ugh, I hope this isn’t true.

NY Daily News reports:

Lady Gaga is back together with her bartender ex Luc, and it’s going so well that she’s been talking marriage. Not so fast, says Life & Style. It looks as if Luc is only with her to get publicity for his blog,, which chronicles his effort to lose 40 pounds without slowing his partying, and which he hopes to turn into a book deal. “There are tons of diet books coming out, but he has a celebrity connection,” a publishing expert tells the mag. “It will drive sales.”

I’ve checked out his website and it seems rather decent enough. He’s a running enthusiast who digs rock and roll. He seems right up her alley. I hope that they’re together for the right reasons. Lady Gaga is fierce, she deserves the best!

Luc Carl is only using Lady Gaga? was last modified: November 14th, 2012 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Roy

    The only way anyone knows Luc is dating her is from tabloid media sluts. He does not promote, in any way, his relationship with her or another person for that mater.
    If you read his blogs you will not find any mention of Lady GAGA in any of them. He has been working on this book and his web site ever since they broke up the first time.
    He is the kind of man that wants to make it on his own. He has done so for some time now.
    If he was using her for the purpose of selling his book, he would be out there in public and shouting to the world “I DATE LADY GAGA”. Show me where I’m wrong.

  • Ava (GaGaFan)

    He may have been working on it sience they broke up, but Luc isnt going to shout to the world “I DATE LADY GAGA” because people would then begin to think he is only using her for pubicity. He might be the kind of guy that wants to make it on his own, but I dont think he would say no if somebody offered to help his book sales. Anyway, I hope they break up. He was still seeing his ‘ex’ girlfriend when him and GaGa were dating. He’s a dirtbag, and I hope she kicks him out of her life, for good this time.

  • Mella

    Well, I know Luc personally.. this is all a gimmic.. hes a cheating bastard who got caught then put all the blame on Stefi saying hes breaking up with her cause “she has a drug addiction”, when he himself is one of the biggest druggies in all of NYC. Why hasnt he even changed his status on myspace to in a relationship? It says SINGLE cause hes a dirty pig.