Lyrics – “Baby Boy” by Britney Spears

If you haven’t heard yet, then hear it now. Britney Spears is trying for a comeback. Her new song, “Baby Boy” was just released to the public via Ryan Seacrest’s page. Have a listen for yourself. I’m not sure if this is comeback material, really, but it’s an effort. This song has a slow and melodic feel to it.


Baby Boy by Britney Spears

I’m in a daze
Looking for that someone

I sit and kneel, and pray
Oh sweet love, can I get some

So why do you desert me
Baby boy
I need your love
Right now

And if you desert me
Baby boy
Don’t you leave me
In your crowd yeah yeah yeah

“Hey baby, what time you gonna get home?
Oh really?
(Sigh) Alright, well, I’ll see you later then
Oh wait, Would you mind getting some..?
Yeah, when you come home
Right, that’s it…
I love you too

Ooooh oooooh ooooh

Ooooh oooooh ooooh ooooooooooooh

When you see my face
You will think
That you have won

And Someday
When it’s all away
I have just begun

So why did you desert me
Baby boy
I thought that you, You were the one

So if you prefer the other one
She won’t bring you the sun

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  • scott

    eeww. You know that acidy feeling you get when you throw up a little in the back of your throat?…thats how this song make me feel. Look Britney, if you want to make a come back then this is what you have to do: Grow your long blond locks back, strap on that push-up bra, show a little camel tow and shake your ass cause honestly your voice has never been your selling point!

  • mari

    i think its good song. she will be back :p

  • Leely

    Uh, guys – this is an accompanying song for the upcoming album. The new single is called ‘Gimme More'; it’s perfect for an explosive comeback – and the other songs that have surfaced (except ‘Everybody’) are highly speculated to have been recorded in 2005, and are simply to give the fans a taste of what to expect on the album … besides, I love this song :)