Mad Men Recap: Season 5 Episode 11 ‘The Other Woman 5/27/12

Mad Men Recap: Season 5 Episode 10 'The Other Woman 5/27/12

On AMC tonight at 10PM EST is an all new episode of “Mad Men”. This episode is titled, “The Other Woman.” Per the episode’s synopsis, we’ve learned that Don gets challenged by a pitch, while Peggy contemplates a trip. In case you’ve missed last week’s episode, you can read our full recap here.

Last week, we saw Lane Pryce embezzle $8,000 from the agency after lying to the partners about a $50,000 line of credit which he called a “surplus.” He needed the money to pay the tax man in England and has forged Don Draper’s name on the check in order to pay off his debt.

Joan Harris almost took off the receptionist’s head after she allowed Joan to get served with divorce papers. In order to calm her down, Don takes Joan to test drive a Jaguar and flirt at a Midtown bar. Why aren’t they together? They would make a cute couple, wouldn’t they? When Don gets home, Megan throws a hissy fit that Don never called and left the office early.

Tonight’s episode should be quite interesting. Who is “the other woman” as referenced by the episode’s title? Does Trudy know that Pete hooked up with Beth? Or is Don being seduced by another woman after being so faithful to Megan for the whole season?

Stay tuned for our recap of the show, as it airs.


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