Mad Men Recap: Season 5 Episode 6 ‘Far Away Places’ 4/22/12

Mad Men Recap: Season 5 Episode 6 'Far Away Places' 4/22/12

Tonight on AMC is an all new episode of Mad Men titled Far Away Places. After last week’s doozy of a show, we’re could hardly wait for a new episode to air! In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our full, detailed recap here.

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for tonight’s Mad Men episode, so if you have yet to see it, avert your eyes now.

Episode synopsis:

Peggy is rattled by a particularly difficult pitch. Don visits a potential client.

To catch you up, here’s a list of things that went down in Signal 30. Lane lost the Jaguar account after Pete and Roger took him to a brothel and the prostitute left her chewing gum in his pants. Pete laid some serious insults on Lane and then Lane proceeded to beat the crap out of him in the conference room.

After the fight, Lane kissed Joan! I still can’t believe that Pete cheated on Trudy with a prostitute. Is Pete’s life crashing just like the car in the Signal 30 video? He did try to pick up a high school girl who seemed amused that he was so old and just getting his drivers license.

It looks like tonight’s episode is going to focus on Peggy and Don. Last week, we didn’t get to see much of Peggy and Don was pretty status quo. He opted not to cheat on Megan with a prostitute and he tried to get out of Trudy’s invitation to have dinner.

Stay tuned as we will be recapping the show tonight!


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