Mad Men Review: Christmas Waltz

Mad Men Review: Christmas Waltz

On AMC last night was an all new episode of the hit show “Mad Men”, titled “Christmas Waltz”. We recapped the show live at this link, but here, we will break down for you what happened in the episode.

Lane Pryce is obviously having issues with the tax man back in England and therefore has to come up with $8,000 in two days or likely face jail time. Instead of asking the senior partners for help with his situation, he asks the bank for a line of credit for $50,000 and then concocts a story about Christmas bonuses. He then forges Don Draper’s name on a check, counting on the bonus as his way out. He’s now guilty of forgery and embezzling, but his plan fails as the senior partners agree to forgo bonuses until the beginning of the year. Lane is left thinking about what he’s done as the rest of the office rejoices about their bonuses.

Don Draper and Joan Harris get their flirt on at a swanky Midtown bar after Joan nearly takes the receptionist’s head off for allowing a process server in to serve her with divorce papers. Prior to the bar, Don takes her to test drive a fancy Jaguar. In true Don Draper style, he drives the car and parks it in front of the bar after giving the salesman a check for $6,000 in case they don’t come back with the ride.

Don and Joan show their flirty side with each other in the bar. All he needs is a fancy fedora, some drinks and he’s Dapper Don once again. This time is different however, as he is not the bed hopping Don that he once was. Still, she wonders why he has never sent her flowers at the office. The answer is simple, according to Don. He was afraid of her and was told never to cross her. Does he know what he wants? Joan says yes, but he’s married to Megan — whose only sin is having become familiar.

Speaking of Megan, she’s livid at Don for not calling to tell her that he would be gone all day. She made dinner and is upset that he didn’t give her a second thought after leaving work to test drive the Jaguar and spending half the day with Joan. He didn’t seem to want to go home, so after leaving Joan with some car fare, he drove around in the Jag some more.

Roger Sterling has been trying to take responsibility for his son with Joan, Kevin. He’s been sending her payments to help take care of Kevin, but she won’t accept his money. In the end, he brings her flowers from another man — from Don.

What did you think of “Christmas Waltz”?

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