Mad Men Review: Hard Work Will Get You Nowhere

Mad Men Review: The Other Woman

Last week on “Mad Men”, Don Draper was on a critical mission to land the Jaguar account, but this week the folks at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce experienced a whole new set of problems. In case you’ve missed Sunday’s episode, titled “The Other Woman”, we’ve recapped it live at this link. Here’s what we’ve learned from “The Other Woman”.

Herb from the Jaguar dealers’ association took quite the liking to Joan in this episode. He has a vote in which agency the car maker goes with, so he uses that as leverage in order to get Joan in the sack. He works through Pete and Ken, but Pete is the one who really pushes the idea at Joan. She’s upset at the thought — she’s married (and not a prostitute). Pete persists with Joan, giving her the upside in the arrangement. She blows him off and he still takes the idea to the partners.

All of the partners are appalled at the idea that Herb wants Joan in exchange for his vote. Don walks out of the room and is obviously upset. Roger isn’t taking too kindly to the idea and refers to it as “dirty business”. Pete told the group that it was Joan’s idea (it wasn’t) and Bert wants to make sure that Joan knows that she can say no. Will $50,000 cause Joan to want to sell herself so she won’t ever need a man to take care of her?

All in all, Don tries to get Joan to walk away from the idea of sleeping with Herb, telling her that it’s not worth it. He believes that the pitch is so good that it can stand on its own. With the clever editing done in this episode, we’ve learned that Don visited her when it was already too late. She had already visited Herb, received an emerald necklace as a gift from him and has slept with him. As a result, Joan is now a partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Prior to that, Peggy talks with another agency (Don’s nemesis, no less) who offers her $1,000 over her yearly asking price of $18,000. She agrees to take the job and must tackle informing Don of her decision. She has threatened to leave before, but this time she is completely serious.

As the agency is celebrating landing the Jaguar account, Peggy talks to Don inside his office. She tells him that she has accepted an offer at Cutler, Gleason and Chaough and is giving him two week’s notice. He thinks that she’s bluffing and tells her that she has picked the right time to ask for a raise. She states that she is being serious and that she is definitely leaving SCDP. He asks for the dollar amount she would accept to stay with the agency, but she is unwanted and disrespected there. She informs him that there is no number and this is what he would do if he were in the same situation.

The last scene between them was very heartfelt as she says her final goodbyes. He takes her hand, kisses it and she tries to fight back the tears.

Basically in this episode we’ve learned that Peggy tried with hard work and determination to make it to the top, but was cut off at the knees. She was disrespected and treated poorly in her capacity at SCDP. Only when she corners Don does he realize that she deserves respect, but alas, it’s too late. Peggy is leaving the agency and on to a company who will value her input just as well as any male employee. All of the while, Joan is on top and not because of hard work. She has basically slept her way to the top — and with that, she’s likely to be the most respected woman at SCDP as a partner.

Questions we’re pondering after the show:

We’re looking forward to hearing if the receptionist begins answering the phones as “Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Harris” and if they’re going to add her name to the door. Is Peggy really leaving the agency in search of respect? Or will Don find some way to try and lure her back in to the SCDP family? Will Joan be pimped out for all of the agency’s high class clients who take a liking to the bombshell? Will Peggy’s knowledge of the inner workings of the company be used against Don Draper and company?

Why is Pete so smarmy in his method of getting Joan to bed Herb? We kind of expected Lane to hit him again. Speaking of Lane, will the partners find out that he embezzled that $8,000? Surely everyone cannot continue wondering why this man still brings up Christmas bonuses?

Will Don always wonder if it was the excellent pitch he delivered that won over the Jaguar account or if it was Joan’s prowess in bed? Will she? Will Don always look at Joan like she didn’t take his words into consideration before doing the deed with Herb? Will he find out that he was too late?

What did you think of this episode? I hated Pete in this episode for even bringing the idea of sleeping with Herb to Joan. I hated that it was so out of her character to do such a thing. I believe that had she have known earlier that all of the partners were on board, she wouldn’t have prostituted herself for the sake of the company. What about you? Hit the comments and let us know!

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