Mad Men Review: ‘Tea Leaves’

Mad Men Review: 'Tea Leaves'

Mad Men was back last night and the show did not disappoint! In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our full, detailed recap here.

Here’s what went down in case you don’t want to read the 2,000 word recap!

Betty Francis is back — and is that a fat suit? Kudos to their makeup people for making her look the part. She has gained weight and can no longer fit into any of her pretty outfits from her modeling days. Betty heads to the doctor for some diet pills, but the doctor finds a lump on her thyroid. When she couldn’t talk to Henry, she called Don up for him to tell her that everything would be okay. For most of the show, we were wondering if Betty had cancer. As it turns out, she doesn’t!

Don and Harry go to the Rolling Stones concert to try to talk them into doing an advertisement for Heinz. But that plan failed, so Harry got high while talking to a faux Rolling Stones band. He tried to ease his way into a bromance with Don, but Don wasn’t feeling it.

Roger has been given the Mohawk Airlines account by Pete and looks to Peggy to hire a copyrighter “with a penis” for the job. She finds a real schmuck named Michael Ginsberg. Roger likes the idea of hiring a Jewish man for the job and tells her to bring him in. Don likes him, so all systems are go. But that wasn’t before he insulted Peggy and insisted on meeting Don instead.

Pete calls a company-wide meeting to announce Mohawk’s return. He tells everyone that Roger is doing the day-to-day operations with the airline, but that Roger will know what he knows. What a putz!

Don calls Betty to ask about the test results, but gets Henry on the line instead. Henry tells Don that Betty is okay and all is well. When Betty asks who was on the phone, Henry tells her nobody. Is Henry upset that Betty told Don about her condition?

What did you think of the episode? Will Betty be able to take the weight off and get back into her closet? Will Roger find a way to one-up Pete after the office meeting embarrassment? What questions do you have about the show?

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