Mad Men Review: ‘You’re Married To Me Now’

Mad Men Review: 'You're Married To Me Now'

Warning: This post contains major spoilers about the events from Mad Men’s episode titled You’re Married To Me Now, which aired Sunday, April 8, 2012. If you have yet to see the episode, then you may want to forgo this discussion post until you have. All others, please proceed!

In case you want to read the detailed play-by-play, you can read the full episode recap here.

Mad Men focused on violence and murder in last night’s episode, which surrounded the Richard Speck murders from 1966. He killed eight nursing students with the last one escaping the same fate by hiding under a bed.

At the office, Peggy made a friend out of Dawn, after inviting her back to her place to sleep for the night. Prior to that, she negotiated with Roger until she received a tidy sum for working on the Mohawk Airlines campaign. So basically they want her work, but they want Michael to take all of the credit? What does Roger have up his sleeve?

Joan welcomed her husband Gregg back into their home with a romp in the bedroom. Later, Joan was upset with him after learning that he signed up to go back to Vietnam for another year. She tells him that she wants him to go. She means forever. He tells her that the Army makes him feel like a good man, to which she tells him that he was never a good man, even before they were married. She should’ve told him that baby Kevin isn’t his — that would’ve shown him.

Don was sick and fevered for the episode, which caused him to dream of killing a former conquest named Andrea. She threatened his marriage to Megan, so he choked her and stuffed her body underneath his bed. Alas, that was a dream.

Sally was left with Henry’s mother Pauline, who was reading all about the murders. Sally ends up scared, but Pauline wields a butcher knife and Seconal. Sally ends up underneath the couch when her mother returns with Henry.

What did you think of last night’s episode of the show?

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  • Gord

    The title is “Mystery Date” like the board game.

  • MadMan

    Gregg showed up in a WWII uniform and was in and out. Good way to write a stiff actor out of the show when ya don’t know what to do with him. Good riddance to him now Joan can get it on again w/ Roger.