Mad Men Season 5 Finale Preview & Spoilers ‘The Phantom’ (VIDEO)

Mad Men Season 5 Finale Preview & Spoilers 'The Phantom' (VIDEO)

The season finale of AMC’s hit drama “Mad Men” is upon us and we’ve got the promo video for the episode titled, “The Phantom”. If you’ve missed the penultimate episode of the fifth season, we’ve recapped it at this link for your perusal.

To summarize “Commissions And Fees”, Don found out about the forged check that showed Lane was embezzling money from the agency. He confronted Lane about the embezzlement and offered him a dignified resignation after the weekend. Lane was clearly remorseful and later tries to asphyxiate himself in the Jaguar that his wife bought with money they didn’t really have. Ironically enough, the Jag didn’t start and Lane was off to the office to seal in his own fate. He hung himself in his office and left only a boilerplate resignation letter.

Sally spent the morning with Glenn at the art museum, but left in a hurry upon learning that she had become a woman. Glenn awaited his train with Megan, but when Don came home from work, he offered to take him on the two hour drive back to Hotchkiss.


In the video, we can see Don Draper apologizing to someone for just dropping by “like this”. Who is he visiting unannounced? Joan maybe? Perhaps his ex-wife Betty? Could it be Peggy?

Pete gets a call at the office and says that he knows who it is. Could that be about Ken’s insistence that he not work on the Dow Chemical account? Joan gets a letter that she received in the morning of which she shows Don. Megan is unhappy about a paper that she receives…Could Don be divorcing her? Is she being served with divorce papers? We ask that only because Don has basically replaced crapping all over Peggy with crapping all over Megan. Every time he shows her his lack of respect for her or her time, she gets mad and yells at him. Besides that, now that Don is slipping back to the old aggressive Don, will he also slip back into his old womanizing ways?

In the elevator at the agency, Harry asks Joan, “So is it true or not?” He’s likely referring to the fact that she slept with that cheesy Jaguar dealer so the agency could land the account. Who spilled the beans? The promo closes out with Megan receiving what appears to be a prank call and Don alone in his bedroom drinking.

It seems that this sneak peek is providing more questions than answers, but as always, we will be recapping the show on Sunday night. Leave your predictions for the season finale episode in the comments.

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