‘Madagascar 3’ Tops Weekend Box Office

'Madagascar 3' Tops Weekend Box Office

“Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” was the top grossing film over the weekend, banking $60.4 million in ticket sales for it’s opening weekend. “Madagascar” is the third film in the popular animated series released by DreamWorks Animation. The film did better then it’s first predecessor, released in 2005 and earning $47.2 million for that opening weekend. But “Madagascar 3” fell short of the second “Madagascar” film which was released in 2008 and earned $63.1 million in it’s opening weekend. The movie brings back familiar character voices such as Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and David Schwimmer reprising their animal characters from the previous films.

Coming in just behind “Madagascar 3” was the movie “Prometheus”, a highly anticipated “prequel” to the “Alien” films franchise, earning 50 million in it’s opening weekend. Director Ridley Scott, who directed the first “Alien” film in 1979, returns to the franchise with the origins of the alien species and how they came to be the threat that they were immortalized as in the “Aliens” films. 20th Century Fox, which released “Prometheus” have indicated that they are very pleased with the film’s opening tally, in light of the fact that “Prometheus” is rated R, which normally restricts box office revenues due to age restrictions.

Rounding out the top five for the weekend were Universal’s “Snow White & The Huntsman,” earning $23 million. Sony’s “Men In Black 3” dropped to fourth place with $12.5 million and the excessively popular “The Avengers” remains in the top five well into it’s second month of release, adding on another $10.8 million, increasing it’s recordbreaking box office run to $571.9 million domestically, and increasing it’s worldwide earnings to over 824 million dollars.

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