Madonna Flashes Butt To Audience In Rome

Madonna Flashes Butt To Audience In Rome

When I was growing up, my grandmother (not much older than Madonna), would scold me when I did something embarrassing or mischievous by telling me I was “showing my ass.” It was one of the few times she’d even deign to speak in a sailor’s tongue, yet with the firmness of being told “you’re showing your ass” I realized I had done something that wasn’t all that prideful.

Well, on the heels of last week’s news that Madonna exposed her nipple to a crowd in Istanbul, there comes word that the half-a-century year-old singer once again is flashing sensitive skin. This time to an audience in Rome, Italy.

Here’s the video:

Madonna, whose provocative image has been carefully curated into a stunning 300 million sold albums during her all-solo career, just seems to have no boundaries when it comes to showing the skin. Older readers may well remember when her book Sex came out — twenty years ago — a time when people craved to see Madonna’s fearlessly nude skin.

Now, not so much.

Clearly Madonna isn’t afraid to show off her aging and somewhat awkwardly sagging body for everyone to gawk at in delight (or horror), and her sold-out tour continues to set off flurries of of news as her overt stage sexuality collides with a semi-political message. But as we all get an up close an personal look at her backside, clad in a black thong, black stockings and little else, we have to wonder if the pornographization of music culture has finally reached a ho hum moment.

I always took it that showing my ass was to be avoided, but it’s especially true the older and less youthful one one gets. I’m also a proud supporter of Madonna’s freedom of speech in showing her ass, just so we’re clear.

I will say this: “Madonna, you’re showing your ass.”

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