Madonna Is Inspired By Britney Spears’ ‘Blackout’?

Interesting. Madonna is reportedly inspired by the sound Britney Spears created on her “Blackout” album and has said that she “likes what Britney’s doing right now.” Hasn’t she got the memo that Britney’s latest album is actually “Circus”? Or maybe they’re actually paying homage to the better album of the two?

William Orbit, the man mostly known for his work on Madonna’s album, “Ray Of Light” said this:

“‘I like whats she’s doing right now. In fact, the sound that she does right now which is sort of electronic, in your face, exciting stuff which I play when I’m out DJ-ing and I love it, but I just can’t make that sound. I’d say my music just doesn’t have that edge! And even if I try it’s not gonna sound like that. But I sent her some tracks the other day… she wanted some new stuff for this new thing that she’s doing and I sent her a load of tracks. One of them turned out somebody already signed for so that ruled that out and then she said thanks for sending them over and stuff. I was momentarily disappointed, but at the same time I like the way things are now. You know, I wouldn’t really change anything. So don’t say never say never but I know what she’s into – you know? She’s into Britney Spears’ last record. Not the last one, the one before. That Britney record with ”Piece Of Me” on it. She wants that brilliant sound. I absolutely adore the sound of ”Piece Of Me” and so does she. It’s one of my favorite tracks when I DJ and I play it. And I love playing Madonna’s song ”Music” she did with Mirwais and she’s right now looking for a sound that is similar to that. And I can’t make that sound even if I tried. It doesn’t come out that way. It all softens up in the end and she’s more into that hardcore dancing thing and so forth.”

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